Sizing Guide

Bed Sheet Sizes

There are several elements to think about when purchasing sheets, but none are quite as important as getting the sizing right. That's why we've made a convenient bed sheet sizes chart so you know the right sheet sizes for your mattress dimensions. If your mattress is larger than standard size (perhaps your mattress includes extra padding or you're using a thick mattress pad or mattress topper), you might have to size up. Avoid the annoyance of fitted sheets unhooking from the corners of your bed, and find the perfect sheets for a great night of sleep.


Single / Semi Double: 121.92Ā cm x 198.12Ā cm (48" x 78")
Full Double: 137.16Ā cm x 198.12Ā cm (54" x 78")
Queen:Ā 152.4Ā cm x 198.12Ā cm (60" x 78")
King: 182.88Ā cm x 198.12Ā cm (72" x 78")

Quilt Cover:

Single / Semi Double: 150Ā cm x 200Ā cm (59" x 79")
Full Double / Queen: 180Ā cm x 220 cm (71" x 87")
King: 200Ā cm x 230 cm (79" x 90.5")

Pillow Case:

Standard Size: 48 cm x 74 cm (18" x 28")